Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Customers demand end-to-end security in order to develop confidence. We’re all working hard to establish and maintain trust between F.N.JACK and You. There are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that are answered here to assist you in your efforts.

What essential information does F.N.JACK require about its customers?
We will only ask for your name, contact information, mailing address, and email address once you have placed an order after joining up on our websites. Although browsing and finding the site does not need the input of your personal information.

What do F.N.JACK require from their customers?
We only require your helpful input. Your criticism and comments will undoubtedly act as a stepping stone to our success.

We do not violate the contract we have with our clients since we keep your information safe and secure in our own data and do not sell it to other firms. However, with your agreement, we will share your basic information with the courier department in order to deliver your item..

How do F.N.JACK protect your privacy?
For safety, several security checks are set and applied. Only by logging in to our website can you submit your information. We utilize a secure server for better transaction entails. Your payment card information information are secure and encrypted.

We have a solid digital marketing strategy in place that only gives our most trusted onboard members access to your information. We guarantee that credit card numbers will be deleted after your transaction is completed. However, we preserve your email address and phone number for future assessments..